• Shark cage diving in Gansbaai, South Africa with Marine Dynamics. Experience the exceptional and come face to face with a great white shark! 

  • The exact world record white shark is a contested issue, but chances are it is between 6-7m. In Gansbaai, the largest white shark ever caught was at Danger Point and measured up to 5.9m.

  • If you see a white shark in the water don’t panic. Chances are high that the shark has already detected you and isn’t interested. White shark attacks are normally associated with poor visibility, so avoid murky conditions.

  • White sharks have a unique system called a “counter current heat exchange”, which keeps their body  tempreture +/- 7C above the surrounding water temperature. 

  • All sharks have an incredibly unique system on the tip of their nose called the “ampillae of Lorenzini”. These are small pores filled with a gel that transmits the electrical currents in the water to the shark’s brain so that it can assess its environment.

  • White sharks give birth to live young (not eggs), and they give birth to 6-8 pups at one time. Pups are usually between 1.0-1.5m in length and are born with teeth.

  • Body language has been a well documented form of shark communication and has identified body arching, jaw gaping, and other postures as specific social tactics.


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Daily Blog 05 April 2019 | Cage Diving South Africa

Friday, April 05, 2019 |  0 Comment Tags: Cape Town, Copper shark, Great White Shark, Kleinbaai, Marine Dynamics, shark, south africa, Stingray, White Shark,

Author: Marine Dynamics (Shark Cage Diving Company)
Marine Dynamics is a Shark Cage Diving company based in Kleinbaai, a small harbour town, part of Gansbaai in the Western Cape of South Africa. This area is known as a hotspot for the Great White Shark and the best place in the world to see and dive with these iconic creatures in their natural environment.

Guest comment: “Enjoyed the experience! Great hospitality, loved seeing he great white!”– Geri

“Absolutely incredible experience from start to finish! All the staff were brilliant and very helpful. A must do life experience!” – Nicola

“Was a once in a lifetime experience! Thank you for the support in every situation!” – Katjia



Water Temperature: 14.7°C + 14.9°C

Depth: 9.5m + 8.6m

Visibility: 1m + 1m

Conditions: Slightly swelly in the morning with changing winds and scattered showers

Our first trip of the day was with our annual Italian research group headed by Primo! We arrived at our anchor site and they began their monitoring programme. We had copper sharks very quickly on this trip, with some excellent activity throughout the trip. We managed to get ourselves a white shark about an hour in as well. This small female with pigmentation on the dorsal fin made a few casual passes and then was off on her way. We moved our anchor towards the end of the trip to try and get another white shark. We got more copper sharks and a stingray, but unfortunately no white shark. Nevertheless a stunning trip all round.

For the second trip it was back to the shallows where the copper sharks seemed to be eager to please today! We had a few copper sharks join us right at the start. And then as we were changing the cage for the second group a great white appeared. This was the 2.5m female with the white pigmentation on the left side of the gills. She glided nicely a few times for this group and we got some amazing views from the boat as well. And off she went to enjoy the rest of her afternoon. We finished out the trip with some more copper sharks and headed back to the harbour.

We hosted an exclusive bachelor group for our third trip. Once we were out at sea and the crew attached the cage to the side of the vessel, our guests climbed into their wetsuits. They were barely halfway into their wetsuits, when the first Copper sharks arrived. Our divers quickly climbed into the cage, and our initial Copper sharks were quickly followed by a host of others. Our divers barely had time to catch their breaths before submerging themselves again to see them underwater. We were briefly visited by one of our favorite white sharks, Clubtail, who made her appareance quite memorable. A juvenile Cape Gannet even came around to practice her diving. At the end of the trip, we showed our guests Dyer Island and Gyeser Rock, where they took a few photos of our resident Cape fur seals - who mostly spend their time sunbathing. Afterwards we headed back to shore, where our group finished their trip with some delicious soup and bread. 

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